Wellness and Fitness 

Standard Wellness Program

Coastal Therapy offers a wellness program for new clients at our clinic location on Jackson Boulevard. The client will attend an initial assessment that will consist of a private consultation complete with fitness measurements to assist in the development of a wellness plan that fits your lifestyle. Our wide array of cardio equipment and weight machines ensures that we have the proper resources to tailor a plan to meet your specific goals. Our wellness expert will work with you on a consistent basis to ensure that you avoid plateaus and continue to make progress toward your goals. Physical Therapists will also be available for consultation if necessary. Once you’re a member of our wellness program, you have access to our facility between the hours of 6:00 am and 5:00 pm – and you never need an appointment.

Cost: $50/month (minimum 3 month commitment)

Transitional Wellness – Post Rehab

In addition to our standard wellness program, former patients have the option to enroll in the wellness program on a month to month basis to continue their progress in a comfortable environment. An exercise program developed by your primary Physical Therapist during treatment will be continued and advanced in the transitional wellness program. Our wellness expert will assist you as needed and provide necessary modifications to your routine. The transitional wellness program is available at all three of our clinics, allowing the patient to continue progress more independently but with their Physical Therapist available for consult if necessary. While your PT will be present on an as needed basis, the transitional wellness program does not include hands on manual therapy intervention. The ours of operation are the same as the standard wellness program – again, no appointment needed.

Cost: $50/month (available on a month to month basis if the client has previously been a patient at Coastal Therapy)

Physical Therapy Prior to Surgical Intervention

There are times when a patient is told that as a requirement for surgery, they need to meet certain criteria. These criteria would be laid out by the surgeon/physician and could include (but are not limited to) weight loss, better overall physical condition or increased strength. As a result of the pain that is the reason for considering surgery performing the necessary exercise independently may be difficult. This type of patient will benefit from a Physical Therapist’s knowledge as a movement expert to help to decrease pain and allow them to work toward the benchmarks required for surgical intervention. In addition to Physical Therapy treatment, our wellness staff can assist in the process once pain is better controlled.

Cost: Covered under insurance as part of Physical Therapy benefits


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